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New advancement in glioblastoma treatment: research paper of our center successfully accepted for publication on Advanced Materials.

Our new research paper titled “Single siRNA Nanocapsules for Effective siRNA Brain Delivery and Glioblastoma Treatment” was recently accepted for publication on Advanced Materials with no comments.

Small interfere RNA (siRNA) has been considered as a highly promising therapeutic agent for human cancer treatment including glioblastoma (GBM), which is a fatal disease without effective therapy methods. However, the siRNA based GBM therapy is seriously hampered by a couple of challenges in siRNA brain delivery including poor stability, short blood circulation, low blood brain barrier (BBB) penetration and tumor accumulation as well as inefficient siRNA intracellular release. Herein, we successfully developed an Angiopep-2 (Ang) functionalized intracellular environment responsive siRNA nanocapsules (Ang-NCss(siRNA)) as a safe and efficient RNAi agent to boost the siRNA based GBM therapy. Our experimental results demonstrated that the developed Ang-NCss(siRNA) display long circulation in plasma, efficient BBB penetration capability, GBM accumulation and retention as well as responsive intracellular siRNA release due to the unique design of small size (25 nm) with polymeric shell for siRNA protection, Ang functionalization for BBB crossing and GBM targeting, and disulfide bond as a linker for intracellular environment responsive siRNA release. Such superior properties of Ang-NCss(siRNA) result in outstanding growth inhibition of orthotopic U87MG xenografts without causing adverse effect, achieving remarkably improved survival benefits. The developed siRNA nanocapsules provide a new strategy for RNAi therapy of GBM and beyond.

Advanced Materials is an international top peer-reviewed journal with a current IF of 25.809.

Dr. Zou and master degree candidate Xinhong Sun are shared first authors, and Prof. Shi and Prof. Zheng as co-corresponding authors.

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