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Henan-Macquarie University Biomedical joint innovation center was officially established

Henan-Macquarie University Joint Centre for Biomedical Innovation was officially established in School of Life Sciences, Henan University. The two universities aim to advance collaborations among scientific researches, joint post-graduate students programmes, and academics exchanges etc. Previous collaborations have landed the joint research centre as a world-leading figurine for inter-institutional partnerships and would grant Henan University with running start for the “double first class” advancement and inter-disciplinary research.

Prof. Chunpeng Song, president of Henan University extended his warm welcome to Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research from Macquarie University, Australia, together with Professor Roger Chung, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Health and Medicine, Ms Kate Roth, Deputy Director of HDR office. With appreciation for the close relationships between the two universities over the past years, Prof. Song hoped that both sides would take the establishment of the joint innovation centre as a new opportunity to strengthen dialogue and carry out in-depth cooperation in more disceplines. Prof. Pretorius expressed his sincere gratitude to Prof. Song, expressed his desire to maintain and develop further in-depth cooperation with Henan University, and is confident in the development of Henan University.

After the meeting, the two parties unveiled the plaque for Henan-Macquarie Joint Centre for Biomedical Innovation and signed the cooperative agreement.

Prof. Junjian Sun, Vice-president of Henan University, introduced the history and development of Henan university, the achievements for biological Double First-Class discipline and the future plans to Prof. Sakkie Pretorius and delegates.

Prof. Sun pointed out that the joint research center is a key opportunity in supporting the “Double first class” development of Henan University. To build upon the existing dynamic collaborations, incorporate the advancing biomedical, nanotechnology, and motor neuron diseases research in the two universities, offers inter-disciplinary solutions and industrial translation.

Prof. Sakkie Pretorius congratulated Henan University for receiving the Double First Class, highly praised the achievements in recent years. Prof. Pretorius introduced the world-class researches conducted in Macquarie University including neuroscience, cognitive science, biotechnology, environmental sciences, nano-photonics and other disciplines. Macquarie University also values linkage with industries, translation and commercialization of scientific research results. He hoped that the two universities acrossed the northern and southern hemispheres will be closely bond through the joint research centre, that both parties would continue to devote cooperation opportunities, achieve mutual benefits in the future.

Henan-Macquarie University Joint Centre for Biomedical Innovation will make use of the leading researches from both universities, establish inter-disciplinary collaborative research, as well as the mediating role for joint post-graduate study and exchange training programmes. Prof. Chunpeng Song and Prof. Roger Chung act as co-directors of the joint research center, Prof. Bingyang Shi as executive director and Prof. Meng Zheng as the deputy executive director.

Directors of International Office, Laboratory and Equipment Management Office, Graduate School, and Deans and Party Secretaries from School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine and other institutions and departments attended the event.

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