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Congratulations to the three graduate students of our center who successfully passed the graduation defense

Dongya Zhang, Yuanyuan Liu and Zhipeng Yang, three fresh graduates of our center, held the defense of their master's thesis in the conference room C408 of School of Life Sciences on the afternoon of Jun 10th.

Prof. Wei Chen from China Pharmaceutical University acted as the chairman of the defense committee. The other members included Prof. Xinxin Ji from School of Basic Medical Sciences of Henan University, Prof. Shaofeng Duan from Pharmaceutical College, Prof. Jianshe Wei and Prof. Meng Zheng from School of Life Sciences. Prof. Xianfeng Zhu from School of Life Sciences acted as the supervisor of the defense.

Dr. Haigang Wu of our center presided over the debate. During the defense, the three postgraduates presented their research process and research results in the past three years. After the presentation, the members of the defense committee commented on the thesis from different perspectives and raised questions. The graduate students who participated in the defense gave comprehensive and detailed answers to the questions raised by the members of the defense committee.

After that, the defense committee reviewed the thesis and the defense process of the three graduate students. In the end, the defense committee unanimously agreed that Dongya Zhang, Yuanyuan Liu and Zhipeng Yang met the requirements of postgraduate dissertation, and recommended that they be awarded the master's degree in physiology.

All the teachers and students of our center listened to the oral defense.

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