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Prof. Xinghua Shi visited JCBI

Prof. Xinghua Shi visited our center on 27th December and gave an academic report entitled “Mechanical problems in the transport of nano-drug carriers in vivo”. During the report, Prof. Shi had in-depth communication with teachers and students from JCBI.


Prof. Shi graduated from Peking University with a B.S. degree in 2001. Subsequently, he received his M.S. degree from CAS in 2004, and his PhD degree from Brown Univ USA in 2010. Now he is working for National Center for Nanoscience and Technology as research fellow from March 2016. Recently, he has been mainly engaged in the interdisciplinary research of mechanics, nanomaterials and biological science and has achieved some groundbreaking results in areas of the mechanical properties of nanomaterials, the mechanical behavior of nanomaterials in the interaction with cells, the assembly and transportation of nanomaterials. By far, Prof. Shi has many publications in top international research journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids etc.

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