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GLAD TIDINGS: research paper of our center successfully accepted for publication on Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Our new research paper titled “Developing a pH-sensitive Al(OH)3 layer mediated UCNP@Al(OH)3/Au nanohybrids for photothermal therapy and fluorescence imaging in vivo” was recently accepted for publication on Journal of Materials Chemistry B. In this article, UCNP@Al(OH)3/Au nanohybrids were constructed with the pH-sensitive and hydrophilic Al(OH)3 mediated layer. The novel Al(OH)3 mediated layer endowed the nanohybrids with superior hydrophilicity, excellent biocompatibility and double UCL imaging enhancement driving by the decomposition of Al(OH)3 in the acidic tumor microenvironments and detachment of Au NPs. In vivo experimental results revealed UCNP@Al(OH)3/Au-cRGD had low cytotoxicity and excellent imaging-guided targeted PTT efficiency based on FRET for U87MG tumor-bearing mice. The Al(OH)3 mediated layer presented great potential as a hydrophilic modification platform and pH-sensitive decomposing materials for hydrophilic modification of hydrophobic nanoparticles and pH-stimulative drug release carrier for theranostic application in vivo.

Journal of Materials Chemistry B is top ranked international peer-reviewed journal with a current IF of 4.776.

Dr. Chen and Ph.D. candidate Dongya Zhang are shared first authors, and Prof. Shi and Dr. Wang as co-corresponding authors.

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