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Prof. Xiaomin Wang visited JCBI

Professor Xiaomin Wang visit JCBI on July 28, and Professor Shi gave a detailed introduction of JCBI and presented a report entitled "Development and Clinical Application of Intelligent Brain Targeted Nanomedicine" to him. During his visiting, Prof. Wang and Prof. Shi both expressed the interesting of cooperation regarding the brain diseases therapy using nanomedicine.  

Professor Xiaomin Wang is the Director of Neurobiology Department at Capital Medical University, the Key Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Ministry of Education and the Laboratory of Brain Disorders, Ministry of Science and Technology. He was also appointed as the Vice Chairman of Department of biomedicine, Ministry of education science and technology Committee, the Chair of FOAPS and IATN, and the Executive member of IUPS and ISBER. Meanwhile he works for Journal of Translational Neuroscience as the editor-in-chief. Additionally, Prof. Wang is the ex-vice President of Capital Medical University, the vice Director of Institute of neuroscience at Peking University and the principal scientist of the “973 Program”.

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