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Our new paper published in Science China-Life Sciences

JCBI published a new academic paper in Science China-Life Sciences On April 4, 2018. The title is "Large-area gold nanohole arrays fabricated by one-step method for surface plasmon resonance biochemical sensing". In this paper, the author reports a one-step method to fabricate nanohole arrays by thermal nanoimprinting in the matrix of IPS (Intermediate Polymer Stamp). No additional etching process or supporting substrate is required. The preparation process is simple, time-saving and compatible for roll-to-roll process, potentially allowing mass production. Moreover, the nanohole arrays were integrated into detection platform as surface plasmon resonance (SPR) nanosensors to investigate different types of biological binding interactions. The results demonstrate that the one-step method can be used to efficiently fabricate large-area and uniform nanohole arrays for biochemical sensing.

The influence factor of Science China-Life Sciences was 2.781, SCI journals of the Chinese academy of sciences.

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