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Our new paper published in Chemical Communications

JCBI published a new academic paper in Chemical Communications On March 14, 2018. The title is "DNA nanoclew templated spherical nucleic acid for siRNA delivery". In this paper, the author uses a single-strand roll ring replica of viral DNA to form nano-level carrier materials, known as DNA nanoclusters. Subsequently, the therapeutic siRNA was hybridized to the surface of the DNA nanoclusters to form a spherical nucleic acid, which was used for siRNA delivery and cancer treatment. The nucleic acid is different from the linear nucleic acid of the conventional form, even though it also carries negative charges, but it can be successfully ingested by tumor cells without the help of transfection agents, and play the role of the silent target gene in the cell, which is expected to provide new technical means for gene therapy for tumor.

The influence factor of Chemical Communications was 6.319, which was divided into Top journals by the Chinese academy of sciences.


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