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Dr. Lu visited the center!

        Dr. Yingqing Lu, the research fellow from Macquarie University was invited to JCBI for the speech with the title of “Lanthanide nanoprobes and instrumentation for advanced biodetection and bioimaging”.


        Dr. Yiqing Lu did a joint PhD program on time-gated and time-resolved biodetection techniques between Macquarie University and Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) from 2010 to 2013. He subsequently held a research fellowship position at Macquarie University, funded by a Macquarie University Research Fellowship (2014-2016) and an ARC DECRA Fellowship (2017-2019). Dr Lu is interested in smart bioimaging methods empowered by luminescence nanoparticles towards enhanced accuracy, speed, throughput and resolution. His team has been developing purpose-built instruments ranging from optical super-resolution nanoscopy to small-animal imaging platform, to apply lanthanide-based luminescent nanoprobes for sensitive and rapid detection of pathogens and early diagnosis of diseases. Dr Lu has published more than 20 papers on top-tier journals including Nature, Nature Photonics, Nature Nanotechnology and Nature Communications.

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