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The Center was ratified as the International Joint Laboratory of Henan Province.

Recently, Henan Science and Technology Department granted Henan University – Macquarie University Joint Center for Biomedical Innovation (JCBI) as 2016 annual international joint laboratory of Henan Province.

International Joint Laboratories of Henan Province were established in order to thoroughly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and promote the opening and cooperation of science and technology in Henan, and the effective use of international scientific and technological resources for the Henan's economic construction. After the university recommendation, expert evaluation and board determination, our center was eventually approved.
The International Joint Center for Biomedical Innovation (JCBI) collaborates with Macquarie University and Henan University to create a multi-disciplinary innovation platform. Joint Center was constituted by the Henan Division and Macquarie Division, and the two divisions will cooperate in student education, young scientists’ development, grant application and resources sharing. Henan Division was established and leaded by Dr. Bingyang Shi (Distinguished Professors of Thousand Young Talents Plan). The focuses of the Joint Center is to use of advanced biomedical and nanotechnology for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and eventually we can provides better solutions to human health.

 International Joint Center
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