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Dr. Yan Zou
Dr. Yan Zou

        Dr. Yan Zou obtained her Ph.D. degree from Soochow University in 2016 (Supervisor: Prof. Fenghua Meng, Prof. Zhiyuan Zhong). Currently, she is one of the members in JCBI. She studied as a summer student in Prof. Kazunori Kataoka’s lab during doctoral research. Now, her research interests mainly focus on tumor targeting theranostic, design of intelligent nanocarriers, anti-cancer targeting delivery in vivo and so on. Dr. Zou has published 18 papers in Advanced Materials, Biomaterials, Journal of Controlled Release, Macromolecules, Biomacromolecules, Biomaterials Science, 6 of them are first-author papers. Besides that, she also has applied for 11 Chinese patents and 4 international patents. Dr. Zou is the special issue guest editor of Journal of Nanomaterials and review editor of Frontier in Chemistry.

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