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Diseases Detection

We aim to transform the way that we can currently detect disease at early stage through innovations in the design and development of nanomaterials-based biosensors that could be used to precisely detect a number of diseases with global implications, such as cancer (a third of the population) and neurodegenerative diseases (1.8 million deaths/year). Each disease state introduces biomolecular changes in signatures of proteins, enzymes or nucleic acid make-ups that represent targets for diagnostic tests. If detected and quantified accurately, these molecular changes can be read as a ‘signature’ of a particular disease state, yet currently used tests suffer from inaccuracy, insensitivity, difficulties with implementation or high costs. This program is developing new low-cost approaches that can look at larger profiles of subtle molecular changes, are much more sensitive to particular disease states and are designed to be transformative for the biosensing field.

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