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2018(# represents co-first author, * represents the corresponding author)
M. Zheng#, Z. Yang#, S. Chen#, H. Wu, Y. Liu, A. Wright, J. Lu, X. Xia, A. Lee, J. Zhang, H. Yin*, Y. Wang*, W. Ruan*, X. Liang. Bioreducible Zinc(II)−Dipicolylamine Functionalized Hyaluronic Acid Mediates Safe siRNA Delivery and Effective Glioblastoma RNAi Therapy. ACS Applied Bio Materials. 2019; 2: 362–369.
J. Chen#, D. Zhang#, Y. Zou, Z. Wang, M. Hao, M. Zheng, X. Xue, X. Pan, Y. Lu, J. Wang*, B. Shi*. Developing a pH-sensitive Al(OH)3 layer mediated UCNP@Al(OH)3/Au nanohybrids for photothermal therapy and fluorescence imaging in vivo. Journal of Materials Chemistry B. 2018; 6: 7862-7870. (IF=4.776)
Y. Wu, S. Li, J. Liu, X. Liu, W. Ruan, J. Lu, Y. Liu, T. Lawson, O.Shimoni, D. B. Lovejoy, A. K. Walker, Y. Cong*, B.Shi*. Stilbenes from Veratrum maackii Regel Protect against Ethanol-Induced DNA Damage in Mouse Cerebellum and Cerebral Cortex. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2018; 9(7): 1616-1624. (IF=4.211)
Y. Zou#, Y. Liu#, Z. Yang, D. Zhang, Y. Lu, M. Zheng*, X. Xue, J. Geng, R. Chung, B. Shi*. Effective and Targeted Human Orthotopic Glioblastoma Xenografts Therapy via a Multifunctional Biomimetic Nanomedicine. Advanced Materials. 2018; 30: 1803717. (IF=21.95)
H. Qi, L. Niu, J. Zhang, J. Chen, S. Wang, J. Yang, S. Guo, T. Lawson, B. Shi*, C. Song*. Large-area gold nanohole arrays fabricated by one-step method for surface plasmon resonance biochemical sensing. Science China-Life Sciences. 2018; 61: 476-482. (invited paper, IF=3.085)
W. Ruan, M. Zheng*, Y. An, Y. Liu, D. Lovejoy, M. Hao, Y. Zou, A. Lee, S. Yang, Y. Lu, M. Morsch, R. Chung, B. Shi*. DNA nanoclew templated spherical nucleic acid for siRNA delivery. Chemical Communications. 2018; 54: 3609-3612. (IF=6.29)
​M. Zheng, W. Tao, Y. Zou, O. C. Farokhzad, B. Shi*. Nanotechnology based strategies for siRNA brain delivery for disease therapy. Trends in Biotechnology. 2018; 36: 562-575. (IF=13.578)
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