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 [2019年10月24日] Dr. Wang Lu, from university of Newcastle, Australia visited JCBI
 [2019年10月22日] Dr. David Benn Lovejoy from Macquarie university visited JCBI
 [2019年10月17日] Henan-Macquarie University Biomedical joint innovation center was officially established
 [2019年10月15日] Dr. Wang Pan visited JCBI and conducted academic exchanges.
 [2019年09月10日] Teachers' Day Celebrations
 [2019年09月08日] PhD candidate Hyungjoon Kwon of National Cancer Center of Korea visited JCBI
 [2019年08月31日] Dr. Rong Wang visited JCBI
 [2019年08月01日] Dr. Rowan Radford visited JCBI
 [2019年07月27日] Happy news: another research paper of our center has been successfully accepted for publication on Advanced Materials
 [2019年07月23日] Dr. Muhammad Ismail’s postdoctoral opening report was held in our center
 [2019年07月13日] Dr. David Lovejoy visited JCBI
 [2019年06月11日] Dr. Marco Morsch visited JCBI
 [2019年06月11日] Congratulations to the three graduate students of our center who successfully passed the graduation defense
 [2019年06月03日] Dr. Shu Yang visited JCBI
 [2019年04月17日] Henan University announced its launching ceremony for its Centre for Aggregation-Induced Emission Nanobionics Research
 [2019年04月17日] WILEY-Henan University International Nanobionics Symposium was held in Kaifeng
 [2019年04月04日] Dr. Wenya He’s postdoctoral opening report was held in our center
 [2019年03月14日] Prof. Bingyang Shi was invited to give a keynote lecture in the Affiliated High School of HENU
 [2019年03月09日] Dr. Tao Liu and Dr. Wenlong Liu visited JCBI
 [2019年02月21日] New advancement in siRNA and Drug Codelivery: research paper of our center successfully accepted for publication on Angewandte Chemie International Edition.
 [2019年01月25日] The delegation from Macquarie University visited JCBI
 [2019年01月23日] Jinhua Huo, vice governor of Henan Province came to our center for inspection and guidance
 [2019年01月19日] Four students from JCBI were awarded at “2019 graduate academic annual conference”
 [2018年12月28日] Prof. Xinghua Shi visited JCBI
 [2018年12月22日] Prof. Zekun Wang visited JCBI
 [2018年12月22日] Congratulations to Introduction Program for Postdoctoral International Exchange awardees of 2018, Dr. Pir Muhammad and Dr. Sumaira Hanif.
 [2018年12月12日] Dr. Yuling Wang visited JCBI
 [2018年11月30日] Invited presentation by Prof. Shi at the 3rd Plant Youth Forum
 [2018年11月30日] Secretary Yang conducted on-site inspection of our center
 [2018年11月13日] Appointment of Dr. Zheng as "Level IV Distinguished Professor” of Henan University’s Special Zone Support Program for Outstanding Talents
 [2018年11月09日] GLAD TIDINGS: research paper of our center successfully accepted for publication on Journal of Materials Chemistry B.
 [2018年11月08日] The Science and Technology Department of Henan Province organized experts to conduct on-site inspection of the Provincial Key Laboratory
 [2018年10月31日] Dr. David Lovejoy visited JCBI
 [2018年10月30日] National Key Technologies R&D programme of China: Targeted Biomimetic nanomedicine for Precise Brain Theranosis, held by Prof. Bingyang Shi, announced its launching in Henan University.
 [2018年10月19日] Dr. Xianfeng Chen visited JCBI
 [2018年10月19日] Professor Roger Chung visited our center
 [2018年09月28日] Congratulations to Key Research Project for He’nan Universities awardee, Dr. Meng Zheng.
 [2018年09月27日] Congratulate Dr. Haigang Wu was awarded Young Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Project in Central Plains
 [2018年09月22日] New advancement in glioblastoma targeted therapy: research paper of our center successfully accepted for publication on Advanced Materials.
 [2018年09月18日] JCBI members attended the SIPCD 2018
 [2018年08月06日] Our center was awarded one National Key Technologies R&D program
 [2018年07月28日] Prof. Xiaomin Wang visited JCBI
 [2018年07月04日] Dr. Jinlong Yin visited JCBI
 [2018年05月23日] Our center held the 2nd youth academic seminar of the central plains life science BBS.
 [2018年05月10日] Congratulate Dr. Jiefei Wang was awarded National Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Project.
 [2018年05月03日] Professor Bingyang Shi won the "henan youth May 4th medal"
 [2018年04月29日] The five postdocs in our center make their opening reports together.
 [2018年04月27日] Our new paper published in Science China-Life Sciences
 [2018年03月24日] The research group of Henan provincial bureau of foreign experts affairs visited JCBI to conduct the research work of the yinzhi project.
 [2018年03月20日] Our new paper published in Chemical Communications
 [2018年02月05日] Our new review paper published in Trends in Biotechnology
 [2018年01月06日] Dr. Xinzheng Guo visited JCBI
 [2017年11月17日] Undergraduates won National Prize
 [2017年11月17日] Dr. Zheng Meng attended “1st Meeting on Nanomachine Research”
 [2017年10月29日] Dr Shu Yang visited JCBI
 [2017年09月10日] JCBI members celebrated Teachers’ Day
 [2017年09月07日] Dr. Peng visited JCBI!
 [2017年08月31日] JCBI members attended ChinaNano2017 conference
 [2017年07月17日] Dr. Lu visited the center!
 [2017年05月17日] Congratulate Dr. Yan Zou was awarded National Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Project.
 [2017年04月12日] Professor Liang visited the center.
 [2017年03月20日] Dr. Shi Bingyang has been invited as an associated editor of Frontiers in Chemistry
 [2017年01月07日] The Center was ratified as the International Joint Laboratory of Henan Province.
 [2017年01月03日] Professor Pang visited the center.
 [2016年12月28日] Professor Bing Yang was invited to visit the Britton Chance Biomedical Photonics Research Center.
 [2016年08月31日] Professor Xingyu Jiang joined JCBI as an international committee member.
 [2016年08月01日] Welcome Dr. Yan Zou joined our center!
 [2016年05月03日] Five postgraduate students joined our center, welcome!
 [2016年01月16日] Dr. Meng Zheng was selected as Specially-Appointed professor of Henan University, congrats!
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